Welcome to District Coach

District Coach is a web-based coaching software built by coaches for coaches of high school soccer programs. It was designed with the understanding that soccer coaches need an easy, efficient way for keeping up with the day-to-day tasks of a high school program (in and out of season).

District Coach will allow you, as the coach, to keep up with all your pertinent information (i.e., player contact information, off-season checklists, fitness statistics, weight room statistics, team schedules, team rosters, player statistics, etc) in one easy to access place from any computer.

Easily enter in your game statistics and keep track of player totals by season and career. Use the ScoreSoccer App for in-game statistic creation? If so, import it directly into our system to save even more time!

Are you using countless Excel Spreadsheets to keep up with player cell phone numbers, mile times, weight room maxes, game statistics, career statistics, etc? Keep track of it all in one convenient place accessible from anywhere in the world and by all of your coaches at the same time.

We have integrated directly with GroupMe so you can create groups based on team rosters, parent groups, etc. It's extremely easy to set up and is easy to use!