Over the past 6 to 7 years, District Coach has changed dramatically. Recently, however, we have scaled back to ensure that soccer coaches have a system they can use to make their at-work life more efficient than ever.

The system is now completely tailored to soccer coaches. We have also directly integrated with some of the apps you probably already use (or could in the future) - GroupMe and Score Soccer.
System Features
  • Brand New Redesigned Interface
  • Completely Web-Based
  • Available 24/7
  • Unlimited Users / Coach
  • Mobile Responsive
General Features
  • Unlimited Team Levels (i.e., Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junior High, etc.)
  • Unlimited Opponents
  • Unlimited Players
Player Evaluations *
  • Unlimited Player Evaluations
  • Unlimited Ratable Items (Fully customizable)
  • Unlimited Ratings (Fully customizable)
  • Unlimited Players per Evaluation
  • Export Individual Player Evaluations to Excel
  • Export All Player Evaluations to Excel (separate worksheets)
Off-Season Features
  • Unlimited Player Checklists (i.e., locker #s, forms turned in, etc.)
  • Unlimited Fitness Training Event Types *
  • Unlimited Fitness Training Sessions *
  • View Fitness Training Statistics by Player - exportable to Excel *
  • Unlimited Strength Training Event Types *
  • Unlimited Strength Training Session *
  • View Strength Training Statistics by Player - exportable to Excel *
In-Season Features
  • Unlimited In-Season Teams (even multiple teams per level)
  • Unlimited Scheduled Games
  • View Statistics per Scheduled Game - exportable to Excel *
  • View Statistics per Team - exportable to Excel *
  • Unlimited Roster Assignments
  • View Statistics per Player - exportable to Excel *
External App Integration (NEW)
  • GroupMe Integration
    We have now completely integrated with GroupMe, a free group messaging app used by millions worldwide.

    When you create a GroupMe Account, you will be able to customize those groups directly from District Coach.
  • ScoreSoccer Integration *
    If you currently use a statistics app called Score Soccer, you are in luck!

    We have reworked our stats system so you can directly import them from Score Soccer with just a click of a button.

Note: Features marked with an asterisk (*) require the FULL Version of District Coach.